What makes BIGWOWWEE different? Our creative process in building your dream sites.


Bigwowwee Web DevelopmentOur web design team believes that all great things begin with a conversation. So the first step in our agenda is to understand the needs and requirement of our client and the strategies of their business. Mapping aims, strategies and attitudes helps us create the best creative brief for you.


prototypeBuilding a website requires careful planning. We put a lot of effort in to information architecture, the website blueprint. We have developed sophisticated prototyping tools that help us create full functional sketches of websites for the customer. This helps the client involve in the process and makes our website development an interactive, engaging and exciting process.

PHASE 3 – Designing

web-designApart from great looking websites with smart and unique designs, at BIGWOWWEE we emphasize accessibility, interactivity, and user impact. We build website that give you results, more hits, more conversations and more business. Our planning, technical and SEO teams work together to build sensible websites that are innovative your website a unique  that matches your fresh look to inject creative, dynamic and innovative touches so that it’s just right for your business.

PHASE 4 – Development

developmentOur team of expert web developers have years of experience handling HTML, CMS, PHP and Java and can work easily across platforms. We have developed cutting edge tools and use technology that adds speed, stability and security. As our developers work in-house in our office in Melbourne, they are always available to respond to your queries and requests and provide client support.

PHASE 5 – Content Writing

Bigwowwee Web DevelopmentWebsite content has to be fresh, crisp and full of flavour, like an early morning baguette in your neighbouring patisserie. For our websites we develop copy that is customized to your business strategies. Our content writers work with you closely to understand what your business is about and how you would like to market. While our team are experts SEO optimization and keyword searches, we do not compromise on readability. The content on our website not only get you more hits but also are a pleasure to read.

PHASE 6 – Hosting

Bigwowwee Web DevelopmentAt BIGWOWWEE we offer a range of hosting services, tailored for our clients. We have developed innovative software that makes cloud hosting simpler and hassle free. Cloud hosting helps you host your website on multiple servers instead of a single hardware server, thereby ensuring speed, performance and reliability.


PHASE 7 – Support

The project team that worked with you in creating your website or hosting will continue to provide client support. The BIGWOWWEE support system works to provide maximum ease and comfort to the client. Apart from friendly assistance from the project team, we also provide clients with direct access to developers when required. We ensure that our support services are quick, exhaustive and hassle free.

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Bespoke Websites

At BIGWOWWEE our most important agenda is to listen to you. Our website designers work with you to build website that best suit your requirements and produce the results your business needs.

Flexible Budgeted Packages

We offer a range of service packages to suit every budget. We follow a lean work flow, which ensures that production costs are kept to the minimum. This allows us to offer the best rates for your requirements.

Creative Designs

Our team of designers will provide you with creative and original designs, which will give your website a facelift. Your website is your first point of contact with the client. We make sure that you make a good first impression.

Result Driven Websites

While most web designers stop at creating designs we understand the commercial aspect of a website. Our experts will collaborate with you to make your website maximize your business potential.

Excellent Customer Support

At BIGWOWWEE, we work to create relationships. Our team will work with you from the creation of your website and help you with any issues you might face.