There are currently 12 full-time members of our staff although to allow us to cope with capacity we can increase this number number on an ad-hoc basis.   The current split 3 design, 3 development, 4 marketing and 2 account managers.  None of the roles are at all mtually exclusive with the level of over lap ranging from asking advice to full assistance beyond a team members area of expertise.  The most important thing for us as a team is we all like and respect each other, take pride in our individual and collective work and have the client experience and clients results the principle most important

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Founded in 2008 at first as a moderately loose collective of ‘geeks’ and ‘marketeers’ who were all in corporate roles and continually asked for digital help.  It was decided we should formalise this to allow us to present a more co-herant and efficient digital business solution for clients.